Art Walks

Art walks are a great way to add a new and exciting element to your event. The basic idea is simple: set up a series of verses along a particular path to create an avenue of beautiful passages. This can be done indoors or outdoors.

Outdoor Art Walks – Provide a path of reflection or inspiration. Choose verses that match a particular theme or choose a variety of verses. 

Indoor Art Walks – These are a great way to activate unused space in your event center. You can use artwork as directional systems by simply telling people to “Follow John to your next destination” and then lining the way with verses from the gospel of John.

Add a Study Guide or Reflection Guide – Provide a complete experience by offering a study guide or a discussion guide for each verse. The art walk format makes studying verses an immersive experience which requires action and interaction.

Create a Fundraiser – You can use art walks as a fundraiser at your event. By using the silent auction format with a minimum bid, coupled with a special discount from us, and you are almost guaranteed to make money.