Spin Art

Spin art is a kid-favorite activity at fairs, festivals and carnivals, and we’ve given it our own “spin.” We’ve created unique spin art blanks that feature Bible verses that come alive when kids add the paint. If you are not familiar with spin art, the process is easy: kids (and adults, too!) choose a blank, place it in the machine, select three to four colors, and simply add little drops of paint to create their own masterpiece.

Exclusive Bible Verse Spin Art – Each verse has been selected to be relevant and exciting for kids. We’ve also given the verses designs that are specially made for spin art. When kids add the paint, they are truly one-of-a-kind works of art.

We Can Do It For You – We can organize and run the entire event. We provide the machines, spin art blanks, paint – everything you need for the activity.

We Can Help Your Team – If you want to tackle spin art on your own, we can provide the spin art blanks and a logistics guide to make sure your event runs smoothly.