Take a look at the art you see in most homes – what do you see? The same art you saw yesterday, the day before or even a year ago! Change your art! Our Bible verse wall art is selected, designed and priced to be changed on a regular basis.

Bella Passage® has a mission to be the premier online provider of canvas wall art based on Bible verses. Rather than traditional, stodgy biblical imagery, we use sophisticated typographic designs with eye-catching colors along with textures and patterns from the latest trends in fashion and interior design. We want you to be able to show your faith and show your style. Every design is exclusive – you won’t find these for sale by anyone but Bella Passage.

The Main & Market Collection

Introducing our flagship collection: The Main and Market Collection. We’ve captured the look of old signs and vintage designs as Bible verse canvas art. It’s a collection that is so reverent while also being relevant to today’s hottest trends. Unlike other works of art that you might own, our pieces are designed to be changed … Continue reading The Main & Market Collection

Custom Bible Verse Wall Art

Looking for a special piece of Bible verse art with a distinct, custom look? We can help! From sizes as small as 8”x10” to as large as 32”x48” and from a single piece to hundreds of pieces, our custom products are exactly what you are looking for. We can help you select a meaningful verse … Continue reading Custom Bible Verse Wall Art