The Main & Market Collection

Introducing our flagship collection: The Main and Market Collection. We’ve captured the look of old signs and vintage designs as Bible verse canvas art. It’s a collection that is so reverent while also being relevant to today’s hottest trends.

Unlike other works of art that you might own, our pieces are designed to be changed on a regular basis. Change your art as the seasons change, when the new school year begins, when work changes, or simply when your family needs a new direction. Change Your Art, Change Your Life!

We make our art easy to hang! Every piece is gallery wrapped – the art wraps around the sides of the canvas. An attached hanger on the back lets you display this inspirational bible scripture art in minutes.

The Main and Market Collection, Buy on Amazon (Click Here) or Buy Direct From Us

We are continually adding new pieces and designs. Amazon represents only a small portion of the collection. We know that each and every verse of the Bible holds special meaning. We have selected hundreds of verses specifically for this collection, but if you don’t see what you want simply contact us.

Hundreds of Verses with 10 Distinct Styles

Classic Shiplap – The look of worn, reclaimed white shiplap wood perfectly captured on canvas. An incredibly realistic look that will never chip, fade or discolor. Looks great with almost any décor .

Beach and By the Water – Oh, those vacations to the water. Feel the warmth, smell the breeze. The appearance of weathered wood with fresh, crisp blues and greens captured on canvas. It looks so real that you will glance twice, plus it will never chip, fade or discolor

Yesterday’s Yellow – Remember those lazy lemonade days? How about the soft yellows of your fondest childhood home? We’ve captured your favorite yellows on canvas with the look of weathered wood. Perfect for baby and baptism verses, Easter verses and wedding/engagement verses.

Vintage Pink – The feel of a fading summer sky mixed with the hues of flowers and old magazine ads. The patina of weathered wood with fresh, soft colors captured on canvas. Perfect for baby and baptism verses, Easter verses and wedding/engagement verses.

Long Ago Green – Some greens will always stand out to you: your great-grandfather’s old car, those signs at the market, the faded landscapes of old postcards. This premium artwork has the appearance of weathered wood with soft shades of green. Ideal for almost any verse.

Past Purple – Lilacs and violets. Ribbons and threads. Amethyst and Crayons. So many of our favorite things were an amazing purple. We’ve captured the look of past purple on canvas with the appearance of weathered wood. 

Rustic, Casual Country Style – So rough, but yet so refined. We’ve captured the look of weathered red barn wood and paint with just the right amount of wear – it’s on canvas so it will never chip, fade or discolor. The deep red is ideal for almost any verse including Christmas verses.

Endless Night Sky – We’ve captured the possibilities of an endless night sky on this deep blue canvas. It’s ideal for all types of verses including Christmas verses.

Beautiful Forest – This deep, dark green has a look that will remind you of that one particular sign, or wall, or hue from long ago.  It’s perfect for Christmas verses and other verses that embody fullness and abundance.

Vintage Tin Style – Those wonderful vintage signs. Such memories. Such nostalgia. We’ve captured the look of old tin with just the right amount of patina. This rugged look looks great in the family room, man cave, or even the garage.

Premium Quality Bible Verse Art that Will Be Cherished For Years
We take pride in our heirloom quality Bible verse art. The corners are wrapped and tucked exceptionally well. The museum grade inks retain their depth and luster year after year after year. A UV coating helps prevent fading and discoloration. Plus these extra advantages: