Work With Us

We believe that God brings all different people into our lives for all different reasons.  How might our lives connect? At Bella Passage® we are constantly seeking to meet new people and build new relationships.

Bloggers & Influencers

Today’s crazy social media world means so many different things to so many people, but to us, it’s simple: we want to connect with other people and work with others who want the world to be a more loving, faith-filled place. To us, social media is not about pointing the camera at ourselves; it’s about … Continue reading Bloggers & Influencers

Interior Designers

Do you have a passion for giving people loving, faith-filled homes? Our goal is to create art with the right amount of reverence while being relevant to today’s design trends. We’ve selected verses that fit different rooms, and that are particularly meaningful at different times in people’s lives. Our Main and Market Collection is the … Continue reading Interior Designers

Strategic Partners

We are on a journey to create a remarkable, faith-filled business. We know that our customers, family, friends and business partners are part of the story. How does your business or organization fit with ours? We are open to new ideas, business plans and new ways of doing business in today’s dynamic, online world. We … Continue reading Strategic Partners

Prayer Network

Christians of all denominations need each other’s prayers and support. We need to support each other in personal and professional endeavors, and we need to use the power of prayer for each other when times are challenging. We know first-hand the power of prayer, and we believe today’s connected world can be used in the … Continue reading Prayer Network